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Ex-Microsoft Honcho Says Consoles Will Die Soon
Comment by: Kanik
Nominated by: liquid_kore

This guy has the face of a criminal. If there's no console underneath my TV, I'm blaming him.

Too Human Development Diary, Silicon Knights Officially Goes Crazy Edition
Comment by: deathbunny
Nominated by: Madeira

I've got to say, the pitch that this is a joke, is insulting to the team and the project. I'm interested in playing this, and there's no reason it can't be as interesting and epic as halo, where humans are actually ancient aliens that made artificial planets that can destroy all life in the universe, or star wars where a long time ago in a galaxy far far away somebody was friends with a huge teddy bear that made gurgling noises all the time, or final fantasy where mongoose beaver wax monotone plaque buildup fart.

Don't be a dick. It's one thing if the game sucks, or if something awkard and obnoxious was happening. But a sincere attempt to make a fictious documentary hinting at an ancient cycle of technology and history is fun and intriguing, and at *least* as worthy as any of the other threadbare premises that underpin some of the greatest games and scifi epics.

In a day when people scramble all over themselves to get 'spoiler alert' put everywhere, so that they don't have an experience ruined for them, why is it somehow ok to poison the well with backhanded comments so that people watch something with the wrong expectation and get no enjoyment out of it? If you'd just kept your half-assed opinion to yourself, I'd have probably watched it and had the desired reaction of being excited and interested. Instead, I'm sitting there waiting for it to go off the rails and hear yakkity sax playing in the background—which never happens.

It infuriates me that something like this gets shit on while the mindless, halfassed dead or alive/final fantasy mashup piece gets fellated by the softest mouths for page after page. Either appreciate artist's hard work on the basis of the fact that it *is* hard work, or develop a modicum of connoisseurship such that you can tell the difference between someone poorly posing dolls in a immitation of a vacuous tableaux utterly devoid of meaning or even exceptional execution, and work which, even if it misses the mark, is executed well.

Humanity is so doomed, it's beyond belief.

Shorter Games Are the New Black
Comment by: SigmaHyperion
Nominated by: fuchikoma

Doesn't anyone realise that the reason you aren't finishing the games probably isn't because they're "Too Long" but because they just aren't that good?

It doesn't make any sense to say that you've got time to do a 6-hour game but not a 30-hour game. If you have time to do one, you have time to do the other — it's just gonna take you 5 times as long to do it. If you really LIKED the game that wouldn't be hard to do. The only time it might be was if games were coming out constantly, and you just couldn't keep up, but that's hardly the case (certain time periods like the last quarter of 2007 excluded).

Sure, some games are made long for the sake of being long; But that's not a problem with a game being "too long", that's a problem with the designers/producers not putting enough effort and thought into keeping the game interesting. "Drawn Out" maybe, not "too long".

I mean, who wouldn't want to have 5 times as much time to spend on a GOOD game that you really enjoyed? How often are you not picking up that controller to finish that game "because it's too long"? My bet is probably almost never. No one says "Man, that game is incredible, but I won't be able to beat it by the end of the week, so I'm just not gonna play it"

You stop playing because you're not compelled to keep playing. Most people, particularly the adults that we're talking a bout, don't play a game to "beat it"; they play a game to have fun and relax. When that goes away, they stop picking up the controller (or keyboard, whatever) because whatever on TV is just as interesting to them.

Catch An Early Screening of Postal
Comment by: Moonshadow101
Nominated by: Aethyr

For those unable to attend, let me recommend an equally entertaining alternative: Drinking bleach!

On Fanboyism and Reviewing
Comment by: EggmaniMN
Nominated by: thejakeman

Clunky user interface - What? You'd have to illustrate this because what I see isn't clunky at all. It's extremely clean and easy to use.

High percentage of total content to unlock - In what way is this a bad thing? Everything should be unlocked from the start? That'd be dumb. There'd be no reason to play any of the modes at all aside from VS. The game just simply has far more content than nearly every other game on the market.

Complete lack of Wii control - You can turn on wiimote smashes if you want to. Also, people enjoy that it isn't inundated with gestures and whatnot. The game gives people choice, something that is very nice.

Lack of graphical progression - I really really have to disagree on that. Playing them side-by-side, I notice a LOT of improvements on models, stages, zero slowdown ever and overall.

Lack of gameplay progression - Honestly, saying this just proves you've never bothered to get into the game really. There is a TON different from Melee. It played amazingly before. Now it's even more refined.

If you took out the characters, it would still play amazingly and be amazing but if you took out the characters, would the game even exist? You can't just go "if the biggest idea this game revolves around didn't exist, it wouldn't be that great." That's just dumb. There should be no "what ifs" in reviewing. You can't sit there and review a game based on how you think it might be with it different. You review what you're given.

On the Need for Better In-Game Winter Sounds
Comment by: Fonic
Nominated by: Wolfkin

I completely know where this article is coming from. I mean, every time I play a game with a winter or snow area (and c'mon, that's practically every game ever made) I think to myself "This game seriously needs better in-game winter sounds." It's the difference between a good game, and a great game. Totally.

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