A Week In Comments (Fahey's Mum Edition)

Where I Get My Lazy From
Comment by: bgordon
Nominated by: Pretty much everyone

Well Mike, you little ingrate. Who brought you into the world, fed you, sent you to school (when I could find you)and paid for your ROTC Candy when you ate it all and didn't have the money to pay for it yourself? Who plugged in the hole you drilled between the bedroom and the bathroom so you could spy on the cute babysitter while she was in the shower? Who just smiled with tears in her eyes when the one class you passed was the "wrong bowling course" and you didn't get credit for it. Who spent half her time rescuing your cat from you and clearing all the moldy hot dogs out of your underwear drawer? Who went to all the trouble of hiding all your Christmas Presents under your own bed because she wanted you to be surprised on Christmas and knew the on place you would never look was under that bed? Does this sound like lazy to you?

You, my dear, perfected the "Art of Laziness" all by your own little self. It was cultivated, not inherited. I find it endearing, especially now that you are not living with me anymore.

Yesterday I left your apartment with a tear in my eye, heart softened by your attention. I walked on air grateful to be able to, for once, share things you like to do. It made me feel special, Mike. Sort of like the time you gave me a half eaten bag of M$M's for Mothers' Day.

By the way...if you had put the right picture up I would have looked a lot slimmer and much younger and also been holding the control the right way.

Ahhhhh that felt good. Now that I can log in be sure that I will return. Have to go and find your baby book. Lots of material there. Love, Mum

Chile's Bi-Sexual, Orgy Having Pokemones
Comment by: DeLoRtEd1
Nominated by: VeritasVierge

A wild Alejandro appears!

Alejandro used Harden!

Bianca used Body Slam! It's super effective!

Alejandro used String Shot!

Bianca is poisoned!

The Orange Box Patched for PS3
Comment by: ExplodingKayNine
Nominated by: Polywhirl

I'm glad I play PC games, so I don't have to put up with the hassle of patches and updates.

CSI Game Uses Cell Phone Calls to Play
Comment by: Erwin
Nominated by: superbabyproject

Vegas? What about Miami? I hate CSI, but I was hoping David Caruso would give you your daily crappy one-liner.
Looks like they... *puts on glasses* got the wrong number.
Yeaaaahhhhh! [guitar]

UK 360 Sales Spike 40 Percent
Comment by: excel_excel
Nominated by: Dakota G.

Customer "One Wii Please!"
Gamestop Empolyee "Were out of Wii's"
Customer "oh dang!"
Gamestop Empolyee "What about the arcade 360 its 270 euro just like the wii"
Customer "yeah but its not the wii is it?"
Gamestop Empolyee "look at it, its white and shiny"
Customer "yeah but I think I'd rather buy a w.."

GT5 Prologue Goes Platinum in Europe
Comment by: deathbunny
Nominated by: John-irl

@BigPete7978: it's not only because they've done some things differently, and they don't want to get involved in an arguement about whether they should have made the changes or not, or whether it's too arcadey, or not nearly too arcadey enough, or whatever else. In addition, the time their ex-NASA scientists are spending modelling the behaviour of a suspension spring at various temperatures and altitudes has left their investors wondering 'wtf' and 'bbq', so I think they've released a first-draft of every car in the entire world throughout the span of human history, and 50 years into the future, when the 2nd coming finally happens, and cars become iron-maiden like coffins for sinners.

you know. Incomplete, but a great morsel to tide us over until they figure out how to deal with the problem of quantum indeterminancy in rare instances of tachyon interceptions within a supercharger. Obviously, this requires hooking a dodge viper up to a SCUBA system, and running it flat out, under 8 million gallons of purified water deep inside the earth. If it turns out that spontaneous proton decay is measurable, and real, then they have to account for that in the performance curve.

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