Abletonator, The Only Way To Compose The Classics

Lovers of 8-bit NES soundtracks already know about YCMK Magical 8-bit Plug-In, freeware that brings retro instrumentation to various sound editing programs. But during the process of making game music, wouldn't it be great if it felt like you were actually playing a video game? That's the philosophy behind the Abletonator, a Windows XP PC running Ableton Live 6 in arcade cabinet form. Featuring a 19-inch LCD, 2-octave MIDI keyboard, 8 tracks of joystick navigation and plenty of arcade-style buttons, feel free to inquire about scoring a unit of your own. But whatever they're asking is a small price to become a button-mashing Beethoven.

Abletonator [Abletonator via Create Digital Music]


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