Activision Force Sierra To Sing For Their Supper

Poor Sierra. When Activision and Blizzard merged late last year, everybody forgot (or, more likely, didn't care) about what was going to happen to the venerable old studio. Well, here's what's happening: Activision are going to make each Sierra project currently in development get on all fours and explain why they shouldn't be killed off immediately. Games that are nearing completion/due this year, like Brutal Legend and Prototype, should be fine, but stuff that's not so far along will have a hard time of it justifying why they shouldn't be binned in favour of another Guitar Hero update or WWII Call of Duty.
Sierra games being pitched to new corporate masters at Activision [Variety]


    Another fantastic feature of huge corporations making acquisition after acquisition. Sierra was one of the most famous game developers once, and for good reason. Now? Well, who cares what great games they can make - who cares about the art form if they can squeeze another dollar out of a pointless sequel.

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