Alleged LucasArts Staffer Gets Gossipy On Ward, ILM & More

When LucasArts president Jim Ward surprised us by resigning from the company he'd been with for more than a decade, we didn't have any insight into the reasons why. LucasArts reps chalked it up to "personal reasons". However, a recent and lengthy comment on the matter at Gamasutra, picked up by GameSetWatch, may reveal more about the departure, which may have been the result of internal strife.

According to the anonymous comment, "Mich (& company) was unhappy with his delaying of the Force Unleashed and Indiana Jones titles". The commenter implies that Ward was more interested in delivering "kick ass" games more so than games that shipped on time, on budget and with, we assume, an acceptable level of ass kicking.

Anonymous then goes on to write that interim president Howard Roffman's replacement of Ward "could spell trouble for the LucasArts division" if he aligns with those who feel that properties such as Indiana Jones and Star Wars should be more often handed off to third-party developers.

He or she then rips into the working relationship with ILM, calling Zeno, the pipeline that LucasArts' internal game engine Zed runs upon, "garbage" and "one of the worst first party development tools out there". That certainly inspires some confidence.

The full comment is definitely worth a read, regardless of whether it's 100% factual or not. At the very least, it provides interesting insight into the (possible) inner workings at LucasArts. let's just hope someone doesn't get Force-choked to death because of it.

GameSetInsight: Disgruntled Of Presidio Writes... [GameSetWatch]


    "Kick-ass"? Ward is NOT synonymous with "kick-ass"; Lucasarts has not been synoymous with kickass for 13 years now. My God.

    I hope they never, ever release another Star Wars/Indy Jones game in their life.

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