American Men Need To...Ooo, Gran Turismo!

Dave Gibson at the American Chronicle has posted an article today titled "It Is Time For American Men To Grow Up", which calls out lazy, irresponsible, video game-playing American men for causing the downfall of our society.

Divorce and illegitimate births have reached epidemic proportions. A society whose grown men seem to be more interested in the latest video game, rather than the survival of their nation or even of their own family—is doomed to failure.

I'm sure whatever else he had to say was exciting and all, but I was completely distracted by the totally sweet ad for Gran Turismo halfway down the article and clicked off to look at cars. By the time I came back there was an add for a store selling Airsoft guns, and I need one of those to discipline my cats. By the time I finally got back to the story I caught this:

The lazy and disconnected American man is much more of a threat to the survival of this nation, than are the Muslim terrorists seeking their 72 virgins in heaven.

Instead of being outraged, I went looking for that clip of the suicide bombers in the plane from Uwe Boll's Postal film to try and figure out how many virgins they were supposed to get. Anyway, lazy, disconnected men in America? Not a chance.

It Is Time For American Men To Grow Up [American Chronicle]


    Why are we only blaming the American men playing video games? Can't we blame American men in general? Or just plain men?

    Well, I think that people are starting to catch on that it's *really* easy to blame men for everything.
    Because we don't fight back. American men have this trait being that we just don't give a **** what other people say about us. If we didn't and spoke out about this then we'd be suddenly 'less manly'.

    Case in point. Ever seen a men's rights group comprised of more than 30 blokes? No? Then you have your answer. We don't care.

    Maybe if girls were more interesting than video games we wouldn't care so much about totally awesome gran turismo and metal gear solid and halo.

    Now get me my copy of gears of war and some chips, i've got a girlfriend to neglect over here.

    The ONLY way this argument could be true would be if men prone to playing games were the only people in the country capable of doing a good job.

    If "gaming men" leave positions of responsibility, like jobs, then wouldn't those jobs be filled by, I don't know, other people who wouldn't be so distracted?

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