An Arcana Heart-Breaking Defeat

Arcana Heart is a new 2D fighting game coming April 8th for the PlayStation 2 courtesy of Atlus. Developed by Examu - formerly Yuki Enterprise of Samurai Showdown V fame - the game features a cast of adorable female anime archetypes beating each other senseless, with a twist. Players select a character and then select an Arcana, which is an elemental being that grants the character special abilities and super moves depending on which is chosen. Atlus sent me an early copy of the game, which as you can see I have hardly managed to master. In my defense, this video was plagued by interruptions, and I won in every take except this one. Rather that redo it to show myself in a more flattering light, I decided to let you witness just how badly I can fail. Look for a more complete look at the game as we get closer to the April release. For now, please be gentle.


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