Analyst Calls Bullshit On EA Being Rockstar's "White Knight"

EA really wants Take-Two. Actually, they mostly want Rockstar Games and Grand Theft Auto—and they want them now. EA CEO John Riccitiello certainly thinks that the swallowing of Rockstar would be good for the developer of Manhunt, GTA and Bully, telling the New York Times "We, in many ways, represent a white knight". The kind of white knight who can provide stability and exposure, we assume.

Analysts, though? They think that EA's full of BS. Janco Partners' Mike Hickey told that "My belief is Rockstar would be perfectly happy if EA never put a bid in at all." Hickey called Riccitiello's perception as Rockstar savior "bullshit" not to mention disrespectful to Take-Two management and its developers.

Other analysts had their say, including Michael Pachter, who noted that Riccitiello's "white knight" analogy was "perhaps a misplaced attempt to sound clever." Yep. Fightin' words.

Analyst: EA's Riccitiello 'Disrespectful' Towards Rockstar, Take-Two []


    I strongly agree with this idea of rockstar staying how they dont see any other game companys trying to "join" with others and its totally a kick in the face for would make all the take two games terrible a seem kiddish rather than the kickin ass rockstar classics

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