Analyst: Sony Worried Over 360 Price Cuts

With Microsoft dropping Xbox 360 prices by a substantial chunk of change in Europe this Friday, you have to wonder how Sony is taking the news. While Strategy Analytics analyst David Mercer doesn't see the price of the PlayStation 3 dropping before the end of the year, he does believe Sony is going to be paying close attention to their day-to-day sales numbers from here on out.

"Sony will be nervous that the PS3's recent sales surge may fizzle out now that the premium Xbox 360 undercuts the PS3 by GBP 40, and the cheapest Xbox model is almost half the price of the PS3," commented principle analyst David Mercer.

I can imagine this is certainly true, but things will get a lot less worrisome once June 12th rolls about. Nothing spurs momentum than the game that millions bought your console for in the first place!

Sony "nervous" following Xbox 360 price cut []


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