Any After Effects From Merger Fever?

San Diego, besides having great weather and lovely beaches, is also home to a number of development studios; with merger fever going around, what — if anything — does it mean for your friendly local studios? Well, the answer could be 'not much' or 'a lot,' but experts agree that this sort of shakeup is normal and can be a positive for the industry at large:

Game industry acquisitions are often followed by management changes, the departures of talented veterans and sometimes studio closures. But game development is so volatile and chaotic, it's unlikely that any aftershocks will stand out, industry observers say.

"Merger mania is in the air", said David Cole, senior analyst of San Diego-based video game market research firm DFC Intelligence. "There was another period of consolidation like this 10 years ago. In the end, it was the startups of that time that grew to become the big ones of today.

"This could open doors for some of today's startups."

Merger fever may spell doom for studios thanks to experienced heavyweights jumping ship, but the threat of studio closures is not hanging heavy over the San Diego industry.

Video game industry seeing multiple acquisitions; effect may hit S.D. cluster [SignOnSanDiego]


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