Arcade Flyer Art Saturday: Fantastic Voyage

It is flyers like this one that make me glad I changed the format of Arcade Flyer Art Saturday. Despite my best efforts, I could not dig up any information on this game, Fantastic Voyage. Even KLOV, normally a repository of every arcade machine ever made, has no information on this one. It would seem an easy conclusion to make that this has something to do with the 60's movie starring Raquel Welch where a team of scientists are shrunk to a tiny size and injected into a man's body, but alas, it is not. There was an Atari 2600 game based on that movie and comparing the screenshots of it and the ones presented on this flyer lead me to believe that they are completely unrelated.

Artistically, this is one of my favourite flyers in TAFAs collection. It speaks to my many sensibilities with it's lurid colours and way-out Martian chick with her gravity defying hairdo. I happen to be a huge fan of psychadelia (I was born in the summer of love, so go figure...) and as far as game flyers go, this is one of the best examples out there. They just don't market games like this anymore which is a blessing and a shame in equal measures.


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