Arcade Flyer Art Saturday: Grudge Match

This is one of those flyers that I wasn't able to find much info on, but after checking it out I think you'll understand why I featured it this week.

Grudge Match was put out in 1989 by Yankee Game Technology. According to KLOV and the internets, this may well be the only game that Yankee Game Technology ever made. Grudge Match was a fairly straightforward wrestling game that could be played by up to two players at a time. In the single player version, you would go through a slew of opponents on your way to becoming the world champion wrestler. Each opponent would have to be beaten three times before moving on to the next. The multiplayer version had a continuous play feature that would let the losing player join back in for a rematch with the addition of a few quarters.

Wow, I don't even know where to start with this one. It's not very often that a flyer leaves me not quite knowing what to say, but this one has managed to leave me near speechless. There are so many things to love. The obligatory giant 80's hair, the mismatched neon animal prints, the over abundance of spiked leather accouterments. And if that wasn't enough for you it's got a little person in a gangster suit with the world's biggest tie tack! (I hope you notice how blithely I side-stepped the whole midget/dwarf mishigos by using the politically correct term "little person".)

As you can probably tell from looking at the flyer and from the fact that you have probably never heard of this game or its publisher, it wasn't terribly popular. In a poll amongst the 900+ collecters of arcade games on KLOV, not one person has an actual cabinet of this game. Judging from this image, something tells me there is a really good reason why.

[flyer courtesy TAFA]


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