Army of Two Demo Coming April 1st

You think the Army of Two demo is coming April 1st? Hahahaha. Fooled you!

But seriously, the Army of Two demo really is coming April 1st to Xbox 360 (sorry PS3 owners) and it will include both the training tutorial and the entire first level of the game. DLC will follow soon after, including 1 new multiplayer map, 2 new campaign maps and the SSC Challenge obstacle course. (Given that single player only features 6 levels, 2 new maps for single player is quite a bit).

Of course, given that the demo is slated for April 1st, EA could be lying to us in what would be the lamest April Fools' prank of all time. You know, almost as lame as the opening to this post.

DEMO Coming Out & New DLC Info! [EA Forums via Xbox 360 Fanboy]


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