Army of Two DLC Avalanche In-Bound

I've been spending a lot of time recently playing Army of Two. In fact, I've beaten it and even started playing through a second time on the hardest, "professional" setting. Yesterday I had a chance to spend an hour or so playing coop with some of the game's developers. Fun times.

After a half hour or so I couldn't help but ask what Electronic Arts Montreal is up to, now that their game has shipped. Downloadable content, I was told. When I pressed for more details, all I was told was that there's a ton of it being created for Army of Two. Good thing too, I've managed to buy and upgrade most of the games' weapons and masks. If there's a game that calls out for more DLC, hopefully on the cheap, Army of Two is it.

Word is some will be hitting shortly after the game goes live... which is today.


    too bad us aussies won't get the game until next thursday (the 13th) :(

    i hate that they havnt already came out with tha dlc

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