Army of Two Has Region Protected Multiplayer

Army of Two Has Region Protected Multiplayer

When Army of Two launched with decent reviews, we thought all was well in the world of mercenary combat simulation. But none of us expected the game to ship with region-locked multiplayer. Apparently, European Xbox 360 owners are unable to play he game with their US friends. Originally outed by gamers, the PAL Xbox 360 manual confirms the rumour:

The online game modes in Army of Two are not cross region compatible and is only supported between PAL discs.

An EA developer on the official EA forum speculates that the choice was made to reduce server loads (no word yet if PAL PS3s are similarly inflicted). Needless to say, it’s an unpublicised annoyance that we hope does not become a pattern.

Army of Two: No EU-US Play (CONFIRMED)
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  • Bahahhaha. As if anyone would buy this now. What a load of rubbish. PEOPLE LIKE MULTIPLAYER IN THEIR FPSs, people. We won’t buy games without it, or with it severely gimped (ok, well Halo 3s was gimped… but not every game can get away with it!). Seriously, what the hell’s the point of this? So pointless. If we only wanted to play with people near us, we’d play in our houses. This is not good enough, and seeing what people are saying about the game anyway makes me really not think it has much value.

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