Army Of Two Refused Classification In... Yes, Germany

Last time I ever give the USK (Germany's classification board) any credit. German gaming site areagames is reporting that the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle have refused EA's Army of Two classification, effectively banning the title from retail sale in the country. A quick search of the USK's website seems to confirm this, as the title doesn't turn up in classification searches (nor do other "banned" titles like Dead Rising). Anyone able to point out what makes this so different from the 1,943 "men with guns" games they've seen fit to OK over the past twelve months?
Army of Two nicht in Deutschland!? [areagames]


    you gave me a heart attack with that title, i swear if it had have been RC'd in australia... well... you wouldn't like me when i'm angry :D

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