Atari Announces New Game Damnation, Motorbikes & Guns Together At Last

Atari Announces New Game Damnation, Motorbikes & Guns Together At Last

damnation_1.jpgDamnation‘s main character is a hat-wearing, Wild West-styled fellow called Rourke, who’ll no doubt be proficient with bi-wheeled vehicles and big-arse weapons, and particularly adept at combining the two.

A hi-octane recipe for potential fun? Certainly.

From the screenshots and available info, it looks like Damnation will blend your standard third-person shooter gameplay with driving elements, though these will have a larger focus than you’d normally expect. The release mentions “daredevil feats” and “acrobatic skills”, so I’m guessing Road Rash meets Assassin’s Creed meets Tomb Raider. If that’s not too complicated.

There’s also a female sidekick, but no news about her as of yet. I’ve included a picture of her after the jump, so you too can enjoy the odd Lara Croft vibe.

The game is being developed by studio Blue Omega, whose previous experience appears to be in film, and only film. Still, it’d be silly to condemn it on this fact alone and especially this early.

According to Atari/Codemasters, the game is due late 2008 and will debut on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Press release after the jump.damnation_2.jpg


Set to change the landscape of third person action/shooters forever, catch the dizzying views at

Friday 7th February 2008 – Atari, one of Australia’s leading sources of interactive entertainment and Codemasters®, a leading video game publisher, and US creative studio Blue Omega Entertainment today announced Damnation™, a new videogame franchise set to come leaping onto the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®, the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and Games for Windows® this summer.

Evolving the shooter genre with its unique and exhilarating combination of fluid action and combat, Damnation will feature huge, open environments, frenetic combat, daredevil acrobatics and high-octane vehicle-based stunts. Presenting players with an intense test of reflexes, quick thinking and rapid-fire conflict, Damnation will feature vast, breathtaking landscapes, each covering miles of distance and thousands of vertical feet.

Billed as a ‘shooter gone vertical’ and visually inspired by iconic elements of American history, these massive streaming landscapes will form the battlegrounds for a post-industrial conflict between humanity and an unstoppable arms dealer hell-bent on total world domination.

Players will be able to choose their own paths and navigate the world by performing daredevil feats on the edge of human ability. However players aren’t the only ones with mind-blowing acrobatic skills; intelligent enemies will give chase and engage players in frantic gun fights and attacks that can come from any direction – in Damnation’s world there’s no safe place to hide.

With up to three hours of actual gameplay stretching out in front of them per level, players will need more than just muscle power to get across each level safely. Damnation will offer players a selection of awe-inspiring vehicles, from motorbikes capable of launching across seemingly infinite chasms, to huge, armour-piercing marvels that will induce mayhem with every huge shell.

The high action will be supported with an epic and in-depth story which, while focusing on the exploits of the hero character Rourke, is truly an ensemble piece. Players will meet and become involved in intricate story plots that reveal much more than the obvious.

In addition to the single player experience, Damnation comes complete with a unique set of multiplayer options that take full advantage of the game’s expansive levels. Currently in development at Blue Omega’s facilities in Annapolis, USA, Damnation will be available for Xbox 360, the PLAYSTATION 3 system and Games for Windows in late 2008. For more information and to catch a glimpse of what the future of gaming has in store, visit\playdamnation.

For more information on Atari’s entire product line-up please visit and log onto the Atari Trade Site for all box shots, demos, trailers and online screenshots.


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