Atari's Future Is Online

In an interview with, new Infogrames CEO David Garner ands more fuel to the server-centric fire, discussing the importance of server-based and free-to-play games to the future of Atari - one of gaming's oldest brands.

"The business and the industry is moving online on a global basis. It's moving at different speeds in different countries, but it's pretty clear to me that the whole way that people are going to want to buy their games, play their games, interface with their games is network centric"

Drat. I was hoping they were going to go back to cartridges. While not that drastic of a backstep, Garner is placing emphasis on the amazing library of properties Atari has accrued over the years to pull them through.

"The good news is that we have a massive catalogue of properties. We have the DNA of every major company through gaming history - the Ocean, GT Interactive, Gremlin, Accolade factory of products, it's a long genetic history.

Here's hoping Atari doesn't fade back into retro T-shirt obscurity again any time soon.
Online gaming is central to Atari rebirth - Gardner []


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