Australian Gaming Bargains, March 2008 Edition

Australian Gaming Bargains, March 2008 Edition
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I’m beginning to think Anthony over at Economical Gamer is just a highly-sophisticated robot that constantly scans shop brochures and the Internet for deals, bundles and price cuts on gaming hardware and software.

Oh, and knows how to write emails too, because he’s once again put together a sweet list of gaming bargains for Kotaku AU readers. If your wallet is ready and waiting to disgorge its contents at unsuspecting salespeople, then I recommend – nay I demand – you hit the jump. If you don’t, you’ll just be doing yourself a disservice.

Economical Gamer [thanks Anthony-robot!]

First of all, EB Games have still got their 15% off voucher for all new subscribers to the newsletter. Secondly don’t forget HD-DVD players for the Xbox 360 are on their way out at around $50.

Xbox 360
– Xbox 360 Pro, PGR4 and Assassin’s Creed $538 at Big W
– Xbox 360 Pro, PGR4 and headset $528 at Harvey Norman
– Xbox 360 Core $339 at Target
– Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty 4, Halo 3 and Bully Scholarship Edition $68.84 each at Big W
– Eternal Sonata $49.94 at GAME
– Bully Scholarship Edition $64 at JB Hi-Fi
– Hitman Blood Money and Tomb Raider Legend $29.95 each at GAME
– Assassin’s Creed, Test Drive and Tomb Raider Anniversary $178 at Harvey Norman

Playstation 3
– PS3, 2nd control, accessory pack and Heavenly Sword, Ratchet & Clank or Uncharted $799 at Kmart
– PS3, 2nd control and Heavenly Sword, Ratchet & Clank, NBA 08 or Uncharted $799 at Target
– Virtua Fighter 5, FEAR, Conan, Stuntman, Juiced 2, The Darkness, NFS Carbon and others $50 each at Big W
– Assassin’s Creed, Timeshift and Skate $199 at Harvey Norman
– UT3 $88.84 at Big W
– Burnout Paradise and Lost Planet $68.84 at Big W
– Devil May Cry 4 $78.84 at Big W

– Bully Scholarship Edition $64 at JB Hi-Fi
– Donkey Kong: Jet Race $79 at JB Hi-Fi
– Carnival Funfair Games $39.95 at GAME
– Mario Strikers, Paper Mario and Mario Party 8 $186 at Harvey Norman
– Geometry Wars: Galaxies $56.99 at Toys R Us
– Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure $79.99 at Toys R Us

– DS Lite, Tetris DS and carry case $199 at Kmart
– DS Lite and Cooking Mama 2, Advance Wars Dark Conflict or Mairo Party DS $229.98 at Toys R Us
– Worms Open Warfare 2, Wario Master in Disguise and Kirby Squeak Squad $30 each at Target

– PSP and The Simpsons Game $249.98 at Toys R Us
– Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics $24.95 at GAME
– Medal of Honor Heroes, DBZ and both GTAs $20 at BIG W

– 50% off selected PC stock at EB Games
– 50% off selected Sims 2 products at Dick Smith Power House
– Best of Atari line 2 for $30 at Harvey Norman


  • Hey, thanks guys, this is good to know – there are actually some good games there. I was wondering if you can get Guitar Gero 1 or 2 nice and cheap now that 3 is well and truly out, but I haven’t seen it anywhere. (We still need Rock Band here too!)

    I must add however that for brand new games, importing is still the way to go if region locking isn’t a problem (PC FTW!). Play Asia has some good stuff, and I’m gonna take a look for some other sites in a minute. Anyone got any suggestions?

    Also, if it’s a linear game that you just want to finish, don’t rule out renting a game. Especially if you have the time on one of those days alot of rental places do half price or something similar (usually midweek), I can often play through a game from start to finish and feel quite contented, in just 2 days. I love having the game on my shelf (and supporting good developers) probably more so than most people, but it’s a good way to save money without resorting to piracy.

    Anyone know where you can actually GET the HD DVD drive? I haven’t seen it around since the… unpleasantness.

    And I think some of these deals might require a console purchase… not 100% sure, but I think it’s worth calling before you go all the way to the store.

  • Rumor is that the 360 is heading for a price drop in Europe, and you’d expect Australia would follow suit, so I suggest waiting a week or two.

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