Australian Wii Fit Launch, Now With Kieren Perkins

wiifit_1.jpgLast night, Nintendo Australia semi-launched Wii Fit at the Museum of Contemporary Art, located in The Rocks in Sydney. I say “semi” because the game isn’t due here until May 8, which is basically two entire months away.

Nintendo’s surprise speaker for the event was Olympic gold medallist and swimmer Kieren Perkins. We’ve already seen visual confirmation of Kieren’s appreciation of all things Wii, so consider this the icing on the evidence cake.

Kieren’s speech however was topped by the world’s most distracting demo of Wii Fit‘s hula-hoop mini-game (picture after the jump), the objective of which is to lean left and right to catch hoops on your body, while simultaneously gyrating to keep the ones you have from falling down. We were also shown the Body Mass Index (BMI) tests that allow the game to calculate your Wii Fit age. Our 1985-born demonstrator scored 23, which is pretty much spot on.We were then giving the opportunity to try the game for ourselves, with most people opting for downhill skiing and football head-smashing. Bowls of apples were strategically placed around the venue, and despite adding to the health vibe, I’m quietly confident that not a single one was eaten.

The Wii Fit pack includes the game and Wii Balance Board. Nintendo Australia has the RRP pegged at $149.95.

In other news, I’ll be checking out Mario Kart Wii this Friday, where I’ll once again try and coax some Super Smash Bros. Brawl release details from Nintendo’s PR.

Now, for the pictures.


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