Beau Bridges Will Make The Max Payne Movie Perfect

All those Street Fighter II casting announcements mean nothing. Nothing. Because they've all been trumped by this single signing: Beau Bridges has been cast in the role of B.B. Hensley for the upcoming Max Payne movie, which will see him acting as Payne's mentor. I don't remember a B.B. Hensley in either Max Payne game, but really, that doesn't matter. Because it's Beau Bridges. Which instantly makes the character incredibly awesome.
Bridges cast in 'Max Payne' [Hollywood Reporter]


    Maybe they picked him cause the initials are the same.

    But since when was a Max Payne movie coming out?!?
    I need to frequent IMDB a bit more

    He was in the initial Max Payne, he gets shot dead by Vinni Gogniti in the train station at the beginning of the game.

    Max says something like "He's the reason I haven't gone insane yet".

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