Beijing Olympics Website Pirates Flash Games

Stolen video games are nothing new in China, but it reaches a disturbing new level when the official website of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games does it. Several of the flash games located on the website seem to have been lifted and modified from already existing games. As Ars Techinca reports, developer Cadin Batrack has noticed that the game resembled a modified version of his own game, Snow Day, as if someone had downloaded the SWF file and modified it. That game has been taken down, but more remain. My favourite flash game creator, Ferry Halim of Orisinal, looks to have been ripped off twice, first with Obstacle Race, which closely mirrors Halim's Arctic Blue, and then Leap and Leap, a modified version of Winter Bells. Batrack has emailed officials in Beijing about the Orisinal copies, but has so far received no response. It's no wonder that piracy is so rampant in the country when incidents like this are allowed to occur. Very bad form indeed.
New Beijing Summer Olympics event: software piracy [Ars Technica]


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