Best Buy Offers Gift Cards for HD-DVD Players

Are you one of the unfortunates stuck with a now useless HD-DVD player? Did you purchase it at Best Buy before February 23rd? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you can return that old door stop to Best Buy and get a $US 50 gift card in return. According to CNN it is estimated that upwards of $US 10 million in US Gift cards. HD-DVD owners will be found through Best Buy's Reward Zone program, service plans and online orders. The gift cards will automatically be mailed out to qualifying folks at the beginning of may. If you are not a Reward Zone member you can bring in your BB receipt or credit card info. They will also be offering an online trade-in centre where customers can unload their unwanted players beginning March 21.

Those stuck with HD-DVD players getting gift cards [ - Thanks, Robert]


    Is it weird of me to still want to find one of these as a cheapo... movie player? The movies are like $8! Seriously!

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