Bionic Commando Not Gimped On XBLA, Either

Yesterday, we learned that, thanks to "great help from the guys at Microsoft" (ie a free pass to exceed XBLA's file-size limit), SFII HD was coming to the 360 in exactly the same form as it will on PS3. Good news which today continues over to anyone wondering the same thing after similar problems were encountered during development of Bionic Commando Rearmed. While Capcom's Ben Judd originally said the 360 version of the platforming rehash would be compromised, Capcom's Chris Kramer has today said the same exemption applies to SFII HD would also apply to Bionic Commando:

Capcom has a solid relationship with both Sony and Microsoft, as evidenced by the amount of titles we have released for the two systems, both at retail and digitally. Given the huge amount of content going into Bionic Commando Rearmed and Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (turns out, hand-drawn art takes up a lot of space at 1080p!), Microsoft has allowed Capcom to work with a larger file size limit for both games.

Glad they sorted that out. Interestingly, Kramer goes on to say that Microsoft "do not see a need to change their policies anytime soon" with regards to XBLA file-sizes, so don't go expecting other games to go above the official limit anytime soon.
Next, on "a Very Special Exception" for Bionic Commando Rearmed and Super Turbo HDR...[Capcom]


    Why, Microsoft? Why be so perverse? Listen, if you increase the file size limit, gamers would quickly run out of space on those drives, right? And where do you think they're going to go for their storage needs? Bingo! The 360 20gb badass of a hard disk! With a price so low, at $200, it's like a win-win situation! And, Microsoft, don't feel too bad about disallowing them gamers to use their own external hard disks; those geeks would probably attach any old crummy storage device into those pristine ports. You're hard disks are top-notch quality! And more importantly... reliable.

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