Bioshock Now Just $US 30 On Steam

While those who still haven't played Bioshock probably aren't F5ing Kotaku all day to find out where they can score the game on the cheap, know that Bioshock is now just $US 29.95 on Steam. That's a damn fine deal. I myself will be making time for a replay after attending 2K's presentation on the game's incredible audio design. You know, if I ever catch up with everything on my to-play list (which will absolutely never happen, unfortunately).

[Steam via Maxconsole]

Editor's note: Sadly, the game is still $US 49.95 for Australian users.


    "Editor's note: Sadly, the game is still $US 49.95 for Australian users."

    ...Now there is NO excuse for that. Unless they change it in the next few days. Taxes are different, but I don't think they require the price to be higher here for the same profit when you work it out. And there's no shipping or anything. WE'RE the ones that pay Telstra through the nose for internet, not them. This is a disgrace if not changed soon.

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