BioWare Weighs In On Sexuality In Games

With so much controversy around the sexuality in Mass Effect, I'm kind of surprised it was so long before Bioware provided their thoughts on the matter. But at GDC 08, BioWare's General Manager Ray Muzyka gave his opinion on how proud he was of the team at BioWare, and the game they've created.

We're proud of the mature plots that we build into our games. They're really appropriate for the type of story we're trying to convey. And romance is part of that. It's part of life. It's part of an interaction — a healthy relationship with other people.

The full interview is in a video hosted by MTV, which means if you're in one of the unlucky countries like me (that's anyone with an IP in Canada, the UK, or Japan), you can't see the vid. So check it out and let me know what other fascinating things he said!

Bioware Talks Video Game Romance In The Post-'SeXbox' Era [MTV Multiplayer]


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