Blizzard Unleashes Fury Of The Sunwell

This morning I clicked on my World of Warcraft icon and was greeted with the impending download of the highly anticipated 2.4 patch, Fury of the Sunwell. The patch introduces us to Sunwell Isle, a brand new quest hub complete with new 5-man dungeons and a 25-man raid that gives players a chance to finally kick Kil'jaeden's sorry arse. As with any major WoW update, the patch notes are large and wordy, filled with stuff that only certain classes and professions will care about, so I'll just toss you a link to's note posting at the bottom of the article. Aside from the new dungeons, the most exciting thing I can see is learned spells not being reset with respecs, meaning that mages no longer have to rebuy their perk spell levels in addition to the cost of a respec. This pleases me. I'm sure this affects other casters as well, but they don't count.

Confirmed - Patch 2.4 Today []


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