Blu-ray Rental Gets Serious In Japan

Starting march 19th (tomorrow!), Japanese rental chain TSUTAYA will begin offering Blu-ray discs for rent at ten shops in big cities across Japan. The service will include rental at TSUTAYA bricks and mortal shops and at its online TSUTAYA DISCAS shop. The aim is to have Blu-ray available at every store nationwide by the summer. TSUTAYA's the biggest rental chain in Japan, so for Blu-ray, this is a pretty big deal. I'm curious: Is it possible to rent Blu-ray elsewhere, Japan or not?
Starting March 19 [Game Watch Impress via My Game News Flash]


    I'm in Randwick, sydney. i can rent blu-ray movies from the local Video ezy store for awhile now.

    Blockbuster in various Sydney stores are already renting them out,
    Small range but its growing

    I've been able to rent them here in Ottawa, Ontario for ages...

    Quite a few videoezy stores around my area rent both hd-dvd and blu-ray about 20 movies from each side. Obviously more blu-ray content will take over in time.

    You can rent them from Netflix they have a large selection.

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