Borders To Sell Video Games

International bookstore Borders has decided to try their hand at selling video games. The retailer currently carries a selection of DVDs, CDs, and PC game titles as part of their On Demand service at its Oxford Street store in London, England. Commercial Director of Borders UK and Ireland David Kohn says that adding a selection of Wii and DS titles to that lineup would compliment the existing media range. Kohn also said that carrying the game could prove to be a big asset in sales:

"We will need to develop a credible and competitive offer that appeals to our customers. When it comes to Borders, we believe that computer games could deliver a level of sales equal or greater than our current DVD business. This could amount to as much as ten per cent of total Borders sales."

Currently, the On Demand service (where customers choose a title out of a catalogue or terminal instead of off the shelf) is still in a trial period, and is only available at the Oxford Street location.

Borders gets into games [MCV]


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