Boston Mayor Backs Games As Porn Bill

And yet another state takes a stab at the consistently failing "Games As Porn" bill, which would classify violent video games in the same category as pornography, making it illegal to sell them to minors. This time around it is Massachusetts, whose legislature will consider House Bill 1423 tomorrow. Among the bill's supporters is Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino

"Children aged 17 and under should not be sold this stuff, so they are not getting into the hands of 9- and 10-year-olds", said Larry Mayes, Menino's chief of human services.

"Is it going to be an uphill battle? Sure. But it's absolutely a battle that the mayor feels he should take on."

Similar bills have come and gone in Louisiana and Utah, so I doubt this one will be any more successful. I almost wish that a state would actually pass one of these, if only to prove that it won't do anything to help curb youth violence.

Menino: Ban violent vid games for kids [Boston Herald via Game Politics]


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