Brawl Online Not Working, Nintendo Says Try Again

Super Smash Bros. Brawl online is not working. Sure, you might find a good match or two during the day, or late at night, but at 9PM Eastern on a school night? Forget about it. Nintendo's forums, our tips box, and my television set are all chock full of Error Code: 85010, which kicks you back to the main menu of the game, disconnecting you from Nintendo WiFi service. It's either that, or "Your connection to other players was lost. Returning to menu". When I reviewed the game, most of my online play was in the wee hours of the morning, and I still had some issues. We contacted Nintendo for comment on the issue, and were told the issue was being looked into, but so far all they can tell is that it seems as if every Smash Bros. owner is getting online at once and the issue would slowly get better. What, as people gave up trying? Their suggestion? If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. How wise.

Trying again is not working either, and I would imagine that once enough people give up and the service starts functioning as it should, the flood of players hopping online once the gaming news outlets reported it would just screw things up all over again. Perhaps we all should get together and work out shift assignments?

They had to have seen this coming. The game had similar issues when it was released in Japan, as Ashcraft reported back in January. If a smaller group of people situated on a much smaller piece of real estate had that much of a problem, how could the U.S. even have a remote chance at flawless online play?

It's frustrating as hell on this end, so I know you guys must be pissed off as well. My last successful online Brawl was yesterday morning around 9AM, so I am currently jonesing for a fix with no relief in sight. In the meantime I've been going through event mode in between trying over and over again to unlock Wolf, who keeps kicking my sorry Hedgehog ass.

We'll keep you posted as the issue evolves. For now, you might want to adjust your sleep schedule or call in sick to work for a chance to play online. Just not everybody at once please.


    just tried it today and it doesnt work. :( nintendo make me sad

    One of the reasons I bought this game was for the online play. Being29 and a father of 3 very little boys, I dont have much time to throw Wii parties to get my fix. And lets face it, This game was ment to be played against other people. Lately i haven't got the error codes but I sit in practice room kicking the crap out of the sandbag for 30 min until I just give up.

    This makes me sad.

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