British Sales Charts

Britain's individual format charts have this week has been cleft in twain. On the one side, the new Nintendo crowd. Mario & Sonic, Brain Training, Carnival, blah blah blah, you know them, you ("you" being the people who will not stop buying them) love them. On the other, the men with guns crowd, as both versions of the bug-riddled Rainbow Six Vegas 2 chart at the top while Army of Two hangs on by the skin of its testosterone-charged fingertips.

1) Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (360)
2) Mario & Sonic at the Olympics (Wii)
3) Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (PS3)
4) Brain Training
5) Mario & Sonic at the Olympics (DS)
6) Carnival: Funfair Games (Wii)
7) Wii Play
8) Cooking Mama 2 (DS)
9) Army of Two (360)
10) Brain Training 2

[charts courtesy of CHartTrack][Pic]


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