Bubble Wrap Stress Relief Coming To WiiWare

Forget Styrofoam peanuts. Who cares about scrunched up newspaper? Bubble wrap is the packing medium that all the cool kids are playing with nowadays, and Bandai Namco is joining in the fun with their new WiiWare title coming to Japan this spring, Ouchide Mugen Puti Puti. The game, based on this kooky toy, is planned to include 40 unique levels, two player mode, and a mind test mode for checking your stress levels. So why pay 800 points for a WiiWare game, when you can play things like Virtual Bubble Wrap online for free? The Wiimote will help recreate the sound and feel of popping bubble wrap, with none of the disappointment of running out of the real stuff!

Bandai Namco Brings Bubble Wrap Game To Wii Ware [IGN][Pic]


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