Bully: Scholarship Edition Sounds Like It Should've Been Held Back

Canis canum edit? More like caveat emptor, kids. We're hearing the Xbox 360 version of Rockstar Games' Bully: Scholarship Edition could stand a few more weeks in the lab, according to reports of bugginess from unsatisfied owners of the game. Reports of game killing lock-ups and audio glitches abound at message boards across the internet, with a handful of readers writing in to vent about their own issues.

Word from the official Xbox forums indicate frequent freezing, resulting in lost gameplay time, amid bouts of skipping audio. Add to that a choppy framerate for the PlayStation 2 port and you have a bunch of unhappy customers. Kotaku reader Matt was plenty pissed to have lost a good portion of his own progress when the game locked up, forcing a reset.

We've contacted Rockstar reps for clarification, but haven't heard back as of publish time.

R*'s PATHETIC port job: Bully 360 freezing (among other glitches) [NeoGAF - thanks, Matt!]


    This is a real issue with the current gen consoles - developers seem to be taking the stance of releasing games on time, patch 'em up later. It was for similar reasons that I returned my copy of Assassins creed (ps3) for a refund.

    "It was for similar reasons that I returned my copy of Assassins creed (ps3) for a refund."

    It had some frame rate issues, but they were very, very mild. What, I wonder, was the problem? I almost returned mine because of the tiny, tiny text that I literally couldn't read. Was that it? 'Cause that ticked me off something shocking, but it was a UI design problem, not a performance issue.

    On topic: I agree with Pax. It's simply not ok to release a Beta as a full game or program. Games get more complicated by the month, and sure, they'll have glitches here and there. That's what patches should be for. But something 90% of people will notice in their first play through simply should not be accepted. I think the solution is to make an example out of different games. Let's buy games that work well, and hold off on the crappy ones. Even if we wait 'til after they patch it, it will still show them that we won't buy half a game - showing them there's no point in releasing it without the fixes.

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