Bungie Helping Restore Kid's Erased Memories

Poor Nathaniel, who had his artwork-adorned 360 scrubbed clean by over-zealous Xbox repair staff, is to be compensated for his loss. By Bungie. Because the kid was such a Halo nut, the series creators will be trying to make up for his loss with something of their own doing:

Our team and the community as a whole is rallying to help fix this unfortunate situation. It's been awesome to see such an outpouring of sympathy and support from our community. We can't replace the exact item that was lost but, but we should come very close.

Close? I'd think something from the actual creators of Halo, rather than the creators of a machinima series based on Halo, should come closer than close.
Bungie to Rectify Fan's Wiped 360 [Next-Gen]


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