Bungie Kisses Boo-Boo, Makes It All Better

One week ago today, a gamer named Nathaniel told the internet his story of an Xbox 360 repair gone awry. After sending in his console that was adorned with artwork and autographs for repair, it came back from Microsoft scrubbed clean. But Bungie heard the cries of a downed Halo fanboy and offered to make things right. Here's the big.gift they sent Nathaniel's way—a Legendary Edition helmet signed by the Bungie staff.

Oh, but he got more stuff than that...

Bungie-Swag-Bag-038.jpgThe full list includes:

* Legendary Edition Helmet signed by most-if not all-of the studio staff
* Halo 3 Soundtrack (two disc) signed by Marty O'Donnel (with "DO NOT ERASE!" written under his name)
* Bungie Jacket
* Bungie T-Shirt
* Halo 3 Messenger Bag
* Two Halo 3 Limited Edition Wireless Controllers (one covenant, one human)
* Halo 3 Faceplate and Skins for Xbox 360
* Four McFarlane Action Figures (MC, EVA Spartan, Brute Chieftan, Jackal Sniper)
* Halo Actionclix Preview pack (Target exclusive sticker on the front)
* Halo Actionclix Game Pack 4
* Halo 3 Wall Graffix
* Halo 3: Ghosts of Onyx Novel
* Halo Graphic Novel
* Halo 3 Wristband
* Halo 3 Hackeysack

And with these gifts, Bungie balanced the karma of the Universe/Microsoft for ever and ever. The end.

To see the whole swag package, hit the link.

Bungie Unscrews Previously Screwed Gamer
[Hawty McBloggy]


    It was nice of Bungie to do this, but remember, they're not even part of Microsoft anymore. Wow, way to do the right thing, Microsoft. Screw someone over then get someone else to fix it.

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