Canadian Arm of EA Raises Ire

While EA's Army of Two has been doing brisk business since it's release last week, the tale of two military contractors has been raising eyebrows and ire for its subject matter. While some have deemed it to be too 'pro-American,' it was developed in EA's Montreal studio. Alain Tascan, the general manager, said: "In Europe for instance, certain places feel the game is very pro-American. But the thing I want to tell them is, 'Do you know it's being done by French Canadians?'" He further went on to address criticism:

... he figures if Army Of Two causes some gamers to Google "private military contractors" or touches off debates about the role of mercenaries in real-world war zones, that's not such a bad thing.

"It's not the goal of the game (to educate people), because it's entertainment", Tascan said. "But if they learn a little bit more about it like we learned about it, it might open their eyes a little bit".

In addition to getting people's hackles up for content, Canada has attracted the wrath of European trade unions for offering supposedly unfair incentives to encourage studios to make the move. Oh, Canada.

Montreal firm Yanks some chains [Winnipeg Sun]


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