Capcom Explain Why There's No PS3 SFII HD Beta

360 owners get access to the SFII HD beta when they pick up Commando 3. PS3 owners don't. That kind of discrepancy leads to questions, which left unanswered lead to thinking, then a wacky hypothesis, then most likely an ill-informed internet forum rant. Seeking to head that kind of rant off at the pass, Capcom have explained just why PS3 owners won't be getting access to the beta, listing reasons such as a finite number of resources, the fact a double-test would have pushed the actual game's release back months and the near-impossibility of running a cross-platform beta test. All very legitimate, all very sensible. None as sensible as this, though: this is a beta test. Not a demo. As Capcom's Seth Killian explains, "There is code parity across the two and any issues found in 360 will be fixed in PS3".
Reasons Behind No SSF2T HD Remix Beta on PS3 [Capcom]


    .... Is that a dead cat in Ryu hadoken?

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