Capcom USA Working On 15 Games, Send Help

Capcom USA is up to their ears in video game projects, and they need help! A post on the Capcom blog this past Friday calling for job applicants reveals that the company has so many irons in the fire that they're running out of hands to hold said irons.

We've got 15 different projects cooking right now (and more to come) - many that have been announced like Dark Void, Street Fighter 2 HD Remix, Commando 3, Rocketmen, Talisman, MotoGP, Okami Wii, and many more titles that haven't even been announced. Yet.

Having heard that the video game version of the classic fantasy board game Talisman was being canned, this list pleases me greatly. So 15 projects, with only 7 listed. The job listings sadly reveal nothing, so what has Capsule Computers got in store for us? Is Mega Man involved? Will it hurt? Host your own speculation party in the comments section!

15 Projects Cooking and We Need More Chefs
[Capcom US The Blog - Thanks Seth!]


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