Casual Gamers Worth Billions

The appeal of casual games is a no-brainer at this point. Everyone can enjoy a quick game of Solitare, or while away some workplace boredom with Diner Dash. But as someone who's never really paid for any of my casual gaming fun, I was impressed by statistic from the Casual Gaming Association that consumers paid $US 2.25 billion for casual gaming last year. 75% of those who bought casual games were women, and 72% were over the age of 35. With Fahey's mom a future Wii Bowling champion, and my mother a devout Scrabolous addict, I'm not surprised that women over 35 make up the biggest part of the paid casual-market pie, I was just impressed by how high the number was.
All this leaves me with just one thought: there's actually a Casual Gaming Association?

Games Girls Play [Forbes]


    I bought a new PC recently and got into a mad optimising frenzy -- ruthlessly deleting files, registry cleaning, defrag, culling startup files, the works. IN the small hours, a bitter ashen taste in my mouth, I realised I had deleted hours of free entertainment in the form of the 50 or so pre-loaded games such as "bejeweled". That's when I came to understand that everything--life, death, and everything in between--is a game, and that humans are born with a supernatural game playing ability that even the devil himself is frightened by...

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