Casual Gaming Revealed

It's easy to see that casual gaming is becoming mighty popular with the general populous. Thanks to new statistics from media research firm Interpret, there's now some idea of how all these casual gamers tick. Using its Gameasure service, Interpret rooted out that the average time players engage with casual games has jumped since last year from four hours per week to just over five hours. Interpret also found that 85 per cent of casual gamers would prefer to play free, ad-supported games rather than games that require them to pay for downloads. The biggest discovery, though, was that the casual gaming market is ready for just about anything: casual gamers are 22 per cent more likely to seek out information about new products, and 36 per cent more likely to switch to a new product, just for the sake of change. Although I don't think this should be too surprising. Casual games are generally much less complex than more major games, so I imagine the ability to get bored of simple and repetitive actions is much more likely. Heck, shouldn't this number be higher?

New Stats Show Casual Explosion [Next-Gen]


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