CDC Games Bringing Digimon MMO to North America

I think I still have handfuls of Digimon cell phone charms given out by some Taiwanese convenience store chain lurking in a suitcase, but in case you prefer your Digimon experience to be on your computer and not dangling off your cell phone, CDC Games has gotten the licence to bring the Digimon MMOs to North America and the PRC. CDC hopes to launch the extremely creatively named Digimon RPG in North America sometime this year, and Digimon RPG2 (that name's supposedly temporary) should be hitting the Korean market by the end of '08, as well. Full release after the jump.

Mar 12, 2008 (CORPORATE IT UPDATE via COMTEX) — CDC Games, a business unit of CDC Corp. and provider of a "free-to-play, pay for merchandise" model for online games in China, announced it has licensed "Digimon RPG" and "Digimon RPG2," the massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG) based on a Japanese television animated series, for distribution in North America and The People's Republic of China from SK Telecom, a mobile telecommunications operator in South Korea.

Digimon RPG is based on a series of Japanese animated television shows called, "Digimon Adventure," "Digimon Adventure 02," "Digimon Tamers," and "Digimon Frontier." Digimon RPG2 (currently the tentative name with an official name to be decided prior to launch date) is a 3D MMORPG version based on the next series of the TV shows listed above for Digimon RPG, as well as a series of shows called "Digimon Savers."

The "Digimon Savers" and "Digimon Adventure" series, produced by Toei Animation, is a Japanese animated line of media and merchandise that includes a cartoon series, anime, manga-style comics, toys, trading card games and other media. The media network for the Digimon series currently includes a Digimon Savers cartoon television series running on Toon Disney, and 13 video game titles available in North America.

Digimon RPG and Digimon RPG2 are developed by Digitalic and are also jointly planned by Digitalic and Bandai Korea Co., Ltd. CDC Games intends to launch Digimon RPG in North America later this year. Digimon RPG2 is currently under development and is expected to be launched first to the Korea market later this year.

"We are very pleased to licence Digimon RPG and Digimon RPG2 to CDC Games," said Yongbo Cho, Online Game Business team leader, SK Telecom. "Digimon RPG has been very well received in Korea which is one of the world's most competitive online games markets. With CDC Games' impressive global infrastructure, deep expertise in the global gaming market and its successful track record in the world's largest online games market, we believe Digimon RPG will be very successful in both the U.S. and China."

"This is the first massively multiplayer online game based on the Digimon world," said Jeffrey Longoria, president of CDC Games International. "With one of the most widely recognised names around the world, this family-friendly game is targeted at the millions of Digimon fans who have enjoyed the last 10 years watching the worldwide syndicated cartoons, have played more than a dozen different Digimon console and handheld video game titles, and enjoyed the world-wide phenomenon of the popular collectible card game. Now for the first time, Digimon fans along with their favourite friends from all over North America, can interact with this amazing world and each other in a whole new exciting way.


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