Children See Nude Pics on Xbox Live

Grab your oxygen tanks, it's time for some breathless news.

Lansing, Michigan television station WLNS reports on how online games, in particular the Xbox Live, have become a magnet for sexual predators.

Thursday night a woman identified only as Jennifer said that her two children (whose ages were also not listed) were playing a game on "X-Box Live" when they were "exposed to nude pictures sent from someone on the other end."

Jennifer immediately turned off the system and then "called Xbox Live", the faceless online service apparently told Jennifer there was "nothing they could do about it".

Oh X-Box Live, you lie! We all know that you can block individual gamertags, report them for abuse and even set up parental controls to limit access online for children. Why would you lie to Jennifer X-Box Live? Why?

Children Targeted Through X-Box Live [WLNS]


    Damn, which game were they playing? I'd buy that game in a HEARTBEAT.

    Does any one know when australian xbox livers will have access to as much downloadable content in the xbox live market place as the US? It's pretty pathetic at the moment.

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