Chile's Bi-Sexual, Orgy Having Pokemones

Cross cultural exchanges are always fun — especially when sex is involved! Over in Chile, gender-bending teens called "Pokemones" hold public oral sex orgies called "poneco". Says 15 year-old Natalia Fernandez:

Ponceo is about having fun... This time I had seven partners.

Poneco sounds like it's about having more than fun, it's about having STDs! The "Pokemones" take their inspiration from *you guessed it* Pokémon. These Chilean boys and girls mix and match androgynous fashions and are very much tuned into web culture. Apparently, they're the first urban tribe born during the internet age. "I guess we don't really think about politics or anything", says 16 year-old Valentina Espinosa. "We're not for anything, but we're not against anything, either—well, except our parents getting mad at us for being Pokemones". Of course we wonder if they say "I choose you" during those public orgies. That's only polite, no?
Rebels Without Cause [Newsweek via a geek by any other name][Pic]


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