Circuit City Taking HD DVD Trades For PlayStation 3s

This week there's been a juicy rumour that Circuit City is taking back HD DVD players in exchange for Blu-ray players. Now our sister site Gizmodo has confirmed it from a variety of sources. If you purchased an HD DVD player—even if opened—in the last 90 days at Circuit City, you can turn in your HD DVD player for original credit on a Blu-ray player purchase.

Given that the Xbox 360's HD DVD player should be applicable and that one Giz reader used the deal to acquire a new PS3, there are some interesting possibilities for those looking to ditch brand loyalty in the interest of new media standards. Given that this is a completely unadvertised promotion, expect to haggle in some locations. And Circuit City, consider yourself officially on our cool list for the remainder of the day. You're penciled in under "Burt Reynolds."

Circuit City's HD DVD for Blu-Ray Trade-In Confirmed By Sources, Readers
[Gizmodo AU]


    This is cool but crooked city still sucks over all. Customer service is one of the worst in the industry. From stupid employees ((if you can find one) to price matching if we feel like it, even the numbskulls at walmart know more about pleasing customers than the "leave me alone, I'm talking to my buddy" idiots at crooked city.

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