Civilization Revolution Faceplate Winners

civrev_faceplate.jpgYes, folks, the competition has come to a close and four winners have been chosen. Thanks once again to 2K Games for providing the goods. I’m sure you’ve made our four creative readers and their Xbox 360s very happy.

Hit the jump and see if your entry made the cut!James Croft wasn’t the only person with this suggest, but we got the most laughs from his description:

Sid Meier’s Sid Meier!: Build your own games company up from scratch in the wacky world of strategy game design. Progress from working in your own dingy garage to the lofty heights of getting taken over by EA; just don’t forget to keep Mrs. Meier and the kids happy!

Dom thought it’d be nice to detail the plight of the independent developer:

Sid Meier’s DEVELOPMENT HELL: Join Sid at a new boutique developer as you struggle to design the next-big thing. Control every element of the game-making process, from the big decisions to nitty gritty. Do you sign on with the Evil Alliance Games, or try and stay indie? Use UE3 or build your own engine? Only you can determine if Sid’s next epic will be a PORTAL to greatness or take FOREVER.

A love of gods and toasted sandwiches got Simon Neech into the winner’s circle:

Sid Meier’s God Sim: Play the role of God himself in this action deficient, supernatural simulator. Select your commandments, choose your followers head wear and you’re ready! Wield non-interdictory powers and encourage your faithful through ambiguous images on toasted sandwiches or water damaged ceilings. But beware; become too plausible and its game over!

Finally, chickenplucka believes everyone should be able to experience the thrill of being a big, evil publisher:

Sid Meier’s Game Publisher 2009: Have you ever wanted to step into the shoes of a big name publisher? Now you can!

Earn triple-A game status by bribing reviewers! Increase sales of your already popular franchises by putting a new year at the end of their name! Kid’s not buying your games? Just add sex and violence and see your title become the next big thing! Jealous of the success of rival companies? Show them who da man by scaring their shareholders!

The most realistic simulation yet by the man who understands innovation; Sid Meier’s Game Publisher 2009! Coming 2008.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to enter. More competitions will be coming your way soon or, at least, in your general direction.


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