Classic Literature Gets the Game Treatment

We posted a little musing on books that should be made into games a while back, which spawned plenty of discussion. Now someone's gone the extra step and added screenshots and more complex mechanic ideas for Wuthering Heights: Heathcliff's Revenge, Huckleberry Finn's Xtreme Rafting, and To Kill a Mockingbird: Furor Excessum:

The town of Maycomb, Alabama found itself the centre of controversy in 1930's and now you can be a part of it with this ground breaking massively multiplayer online role playing game. Finally players will have a chance to experience social injustice any way they want. Help Atticus Finch win the trial of his life and help Boo Radley start his life anew all while avoiding rabid dogs and the Klan. The open world design of this sleepy small town provide hours of game play.

Classic Literature Video Games [FunBox, thanks Will!]


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