Console RTSs Are Good For The Genre

Console RTSs Are Good For The Genre

Petroglyph’s Creative Director Adam Isgreen is an RTS veteran, having worked on loads of Command & Conquers and, more recently, Universe at War. But he isn’t worried that RTS titles making their way to consoles will in some way dilute the experience. In fact, he believes just the opposite:

…you could look at the transition of RTS from PC to console as “dumbing down” of the genre, but really that’s completely inaccurate. The evolution of RTS from PC to console is all about re-discovering the core fun of the genre while stripping away the redundancy, over-complication, and bloat that has been attaching itself to RTS games over the years.

He continues:

If anything, I’m glad that console is becoming dominant for gaming because it’s going to force some evolution on a genre that has been fairly static for quite some time. We need to grow the RTS market and bring in new players, not isolate it further into eventual niche obscurity.

The only problem is that while all of that sounds great in theory, the practice of running an RTS without a mouse a keyboard hasn’t worked out so great yet.

Which is exactly why we all need Halo Wars to be really, really good.

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