Cop Called Out On Blaming Violent Games

It's pretty standard now to hear people close to law enforcement, be they lawyers or police officers, blame much of the violent crime committed by youth on violent video games. Apparently, gamers and game journalists aren't the only ones to notice this, as a reporter for the Naples Daily News questioned when one police officer attributed the reason for a violent crime to a game.

Captain Tim Guerrette of the Collier County, Florida Sheriff's Office, apparently referred extensively to video games and their influence during a conference, where Daily News reporter Victoria Macchi was in attendance. In her article, she refers to what Guerrette said, but also notes some of her own research:

An American Sociological Association report released in early 2007, however, dismissed the link between video game violence and homicidal behaviour in children as unfounded.

Moreover, the report claimed that in the decade following the 1993 release of the first-person shooter game Doom — which Guerrette mentioned several times on Tuesday evening as a possible trigger of youth violence — juvenile arrest rates actually went down by 77 percent.

Macchi did exactly what any good journalist should do, presenting both sides of an argument and not just the story on the surface. Kudos to you, Macchi!

Police Official Blames Games, Reporter Calls Him On It []


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