Cosplay, Dress Up for College Credits

Japan's largest vocational school, Vantan Career School, is offering an exciting new course this year: Cosplay. The three-month class, dubbed the "Cosplayers Course", teaches students how to do things like make light-weight, easy-to-carry costumes and how to do their hair and make-up. Says Cosplayers Course manager Satoshi Yamagiwa:

We had been running traditional fashion and hair/make-up courses for a long time, but we came to realise that many of our students wanted to apply those skills to cosplay.

The course includes 12 hours of tuition per week and costs a cool ¥560,000 ($US 5,500). So far, the new class has attracted 35 students — approximately 80 and 90 percent women. The remaining percent merely look like women!
Cosplay Course [Japan Times via a geek by any other name][Pic]


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